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Walton is equipped with the Shanghai Special Edition: to help intelligent painting on the "one belt and one road".
Time: 2019/1/14 0:00:00

From the news reports, we always feel that "One Belt And One Road" is far away from daily life. But on September 10-13, at the China (Shanghai) international furniture production equipment and woodworking machinery exhibition at Shanghai hongqiao national convention and exhibition center, "One Belt And One Road" is writing a new chapter here.

Pan household circle out, hongqiao exhibition unprecedented. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, from different countries and regions, met at the Shanghai national convention and exhibition center to seek cooperation.

Friends from the Middle East pay attention to a wide range of aspects, put forward higher requirements for the performance and practicability of the machine, and maintain more attention to after-sales service. Both machines can meet the requirements of customers, and when the price is high and low, they will prefer to choose the one with higher performance. Friends in the Middle East are very adhere to their own ideas, all to Allah!

Due to the rapid development of the Indian economy, the manufacturing industry has been upgraded from imitation to innovation. Friends from India also pay more attention to the cost performance and pay more attention to the quality and performance of products.

At the present stage, China is developing rapidly under the guidance of "made in China 2025" strategy. Customers and friends from Europe and the United States are more and more accepting of made in China and more willing to discuss technical issues of equipment in depth. As a high-tech enterprise, Wharton will increase investment in innovation and research and development and contribute to the re-upgrading of Chinese manufacturing.
In this exhibition, Wharton has brought many highlights, making the smart coating shine in Shanghai hongqiao:

UV reciprocating spray drying line WD2800 series

High quality, high efficiency continuous coating and online drying of surface and four-edge UV paint and water-based UV paint;
Intelligent operation, no need to program, a key start, staff after a short period of training can start production;
Automatic identification of workpiece size and position, intelligent control of gun switch, saving paint;
Equipped with high-precision paint recovery device, saving 20% of paint compared with manual spray painting;
The whole line coating only takes 12 minutes;
The oil mist filter treatment and purification system can effectively deal with the waste gas in the production process.

LED blue light curing machine
Wharton is equipped with LED cold light curing production system, making VOC meet the national emission standard, low energy consumption, refuse heavy metal pollution, greatly reduce production radiation, and will not cause any harm to human body.
Energy saving
Environmental protection

2800 series production line, because of its superior performance and technology has received a lot of attention, more customers have friends in the exhibition site direct transactions. Thank you for your recognition and trust!

Wisdom "tu" era, do in charge of "wo". With solid technology, reliable service and excellent quality, Wharton equipment has won many orders at the Shanghai exhibition, and at the same time, it helps China's manufacturing intelligent coating go abroad and take advantage of "One Belt And One Road" to go global. Here, thank you for your support and trust. I look forward to seeing you in the next exhibition!

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