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Time: 2019/1/17 0:00:00


The 19th China shunde (lunjiao) international woodworking machinery expo was grandly held at lunjiao exhibition hall in shunde district, foshan city, dec 6-9, 2018. As one of the leading enterprises of intelligent spraying technology in China, Wharton equipment has exhibited the equipment achievements in recent years in lunjiao exhibition hall, which has attracted many visitors from all over the world.

During the exhibition, many new and old customers came to visit the lunjiao exhibition hall, and there were also customers from all over the world, different countries and regions to communicate here, our products are very recognized and trust.

The theme of the 19th China shunde (lunjiao) international woodworking machinery expo is "intelligent manufacturing, excellent development". Wharton equipment also adheres to the concept of realizing productivity through science and technology, and keeps accelerating the pace of r&d and innovation, aiming to promote the development and upgrading of intelligent coating.

The exhibition hall device

Continuous coating and online drying of surface and four-edge UV paint and water-based UV paint, high efficiency and high quality batch coating;

Intelligent operation, no programming, one-click start; High precision paint recovery, saving 20% paint;

The whole line coating only takes 12 minutes; Oil mist filtration treatment purification system, effective treatment of waste gas.

Applicable to all kinds of solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, fire doors tint + continuous online spray finish;

Automatic spray production line, spray drying integration, to achieve high quality batch wooden door spray.

Robot productivity efficiency, output is 1-3 times of artificial;

The overall surface coating of the product is uniform with high precision, and the qualified rate of the product is up to more than 95%

Small floor space, saving space and cost.


The 19th China shunde (lunjiao) international woodworking machinery expo has come to a successful conclusion. Wharton equipment hereby thanks for the support and trust of numerous new and old customers!

In the future, Wharton equipment will continue to meet the different needs of customers with solid technology, reliable service and excellent quality. With your support and trust, Walton will be better equipped!

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