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Time: 2019/1/18 0:00:00

According to the latest data, China produced 56,600 industrial robots from January to October 2016, up 29.1 percent year-on-year. In October, the national production of industrial robots reached 5,687 units, up 15.1% year on year, still maintaining a strong growth.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the appearance of robots has become more and more common, and the use of robots by enterprises has become more and more popular. Especially in industry, the use of industrial robots is not uncommon, even as the traditional industrial coating industry, coating technology is also gradually toward intelligent, scientific, such as car coating and furniture coating.

Robot assisted furniture coating technology to the intelligent direction of development 

Compared to cars, the furniture industry started automatic spraying relatively late, which happened in these two years, about 2104 years. After that, under the pressure of the rising human cost and the continuous efforts of industry 4.0, more and more enterprises carry out industrial transformation and upgrading and carry out the plan of "machine replacement".

It is understood that the spraying robot can safely and efficiently complete a variety of spraying operations. Under the same conditions, the work of a robot is equivalent to ten workers, which can help enterprises effectively avoid the rising labor costs and alleviate the labor problems to a certain extent. Meanwhile, robot spraying also plays an active role in protecting the environment.

As we all know, coating industry is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry. Taking China as an example, the amount of coating produced every year will release millions of tons of VOCs into the atmosphere during the coating process. The emergence of spraying robot, relying on increasingly perfect coating automation solutions, can effectively improve the utilization rate of coating, thus reducing VOCs emissions.

Under the pressure of environmental protection, intelligent coating is promising 

In January 2015, the so-called "strictest environmental protection law" was promulgated, and the enforcement of environmental protection laws and regulations has been strengthened. Under the dual pressure of environmental protection policy and market demand, intelligent coating has become an inevitable trend of enterprise development, and the "oil to water" project of furniture enterprises has also been gradually put on the agenda.

However, the equipment has been expensive, low production efficiency, equipment and coating products with poor performance, three waste disposal problems become in the furniture enterprises to promote water-based paint obstacles. Among them, cost factor becomes the biggest resistance that hinders the development of water - based paint. The cost of the increase is mainly reflected in the water-based coating in the spraying process of recycling, large enterprises have the funds to buy spray machine can be basically solved, small businesses are relatively laborious.

In addition, the industrial equipment in the manufacturing industry generally has complex structure and high requirements for product quality. To solve the above problems, we must consider the machine replacement plan, so as to improve production efficiency, improve quality and reduce operating costs. Therefore, there is an urgent need for intelligent spraying robots in the field of general industrial manufacturing.

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