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Design Engineering

Design Engineering Department: AIRM process optimization system, engineering design and construction

Wharton design engineering department, according to the customer's requirements, tailored for the customer spray planning. The introduction of AIRM production management system, including: the concept of automation control, the concept of database management, robot operation concept, the concept of modular control, to enhance the overall design and construction.


Automation concept

Intelligent, open, network, information technology development trend of production automation, high speed, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability of the direction of the numerical control technology as the idea. Based on the traditional multi axis CNC technology, integrated advanced control, PC-based, network communication technology for enterprises to build information interaction as a bridge, unmanned production and operation of automated production management mode. The production process of image detection, intelligent control, trajectory optimization, scheduling, data management and decision-making and other functions, so as to increase the yield, improve quality, reduce consumption, to ensure the safe operation of the production management objectives.


Database management idea

The application of computer network technology provides the best solution for enterprise information system management. The Walton company has established a set of products through a unique identifier of the two-dimensional code, combined with the open interface station, process to track and record any product data management system, the optimal process time and stored data call. The combination of industrial Ethernet interface and information management system in the enterprise has laid a foundation for the realization of the key process of the enterprise's paperless data exchange, process control and so on. Visual interface and the combination of database storage and call function for DSP development has become a possibility for the realization of the flexible management of human computer interaction. In order to greatly enhance the intelligent application, reduce the paint consumption, for the user to control the cost of the source; programmable timely regulation can achieve high-volume continuous operation, and can adjust according to the case; a full set of system to use simple, without additional skill training by computer numerical control, automatic and efficient production equipment can be completed a number of processing.


Robot operation idea

Industrial robot control technology research and application design is one of the main direction of Walton equipment development, is the only way which must be passed Walton entered the field of intelligent manufacturing, high versatility, high working efficiency, high speed, stable and reliable, high repeatability, benign structure and flexible control mode of its own, which is the traditional mechanical There is nothing comparable to this. Advantage. It appears as the high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability pile foundation of Walton's numerical control technology, and has brought a qualitative leap. Robot control technology based on pattern recognition is a new breakthrough project of Walton. It is a deeper level control precision system. The robot off-line programming system is the use of computer graphics, establish the geometric model of robot and its working environment, with some programming algorithm, the control and operation of graphics to achieve the control precision.


Modular control concept

The modular design is the design of a whole production line or mechanical equipment, in order to achieve different effects in different situations. Modular manufacturing advantages: first design documentation, unified large-scale production, to ensure the stable quality of products. Modular design advantages: Selection and management for the workpiece, is conducive to the diversity of the workpiece, the rational modular system based on purpose can maximize the economic and reasonable to meet customer requirements, but also can reduce the cost of production and management by the general module of the mass production and mass management.